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Using Social Media for Your Promotions

By Lance Trebesch March 23, 2015

Social media is  the biggest way to promote brands, events, and yourself. When promoting events, the easiest way to promote on social media is to drop a link in a status box. But there are many other ways to use social media to your event’s benefit.

Social-Media (1)
“Social Media,” Sean MacEntee (Creative Commons/Flickr)


When promoting your event on social media, it’s a great idea to use a video. Videos will engage viewers a lot more than just regular text will. As Michael Stetzner wrote for Social Media Examiner, “Creating a stellar video with great visuals and sound can not only help drive people to your event, but it also increases the chances people will want to share it with friends.”

You can also give away tickets. Stetzner wrote that giving something away for free is one of the best ways to create interest in your event. “Contests provide a rapid way to generate interest in your event—especially if you have the right prizes,” he wrote. You can give away tickets online by writing a blog post and then asking them to enter in the contest by engaging with your social media sites, such as tweeting an answer to a question.

As easy as it is to promote your event through social media, it’s just as easy to slip up and create problems for yourself. There are many types of mistakes you’d want to avoid while promoting on social media, such as not completing your social media accounts. Jazeel Ferry’s article for Eventifier stresses how important it is for your accounts to be thorough. “Nothing looks more unprofessional (or fake) than an account that doesn’t have a picture or biography,” Ferry wrote.

It’s also important not to forget to create two of the biggest elements about social media—the hashtag and the conversation starter. If you’re promoting an event, it’s important to create a hashtag or tweet an ice-breaker so that you can start and nurture a conversation about your event. Not creating a hashtag could mean losing out on your audience.

“Social media sites like Twitter are not there to inform users, they are there to open discussion,” Ferry wrote. “By not incorporating panel and forum discussions, Q&A’s, or responding adequately to comments, you are limiting your full Twitter potential. Ferry also stated that if you use a hashtag, it could take some time for it to catch on, but “it will be an indispensable tool in your promotion efforts.”

Will you incorporate social media in your promotional tactics?