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Event of the Week: Bow Wow Bingo

By Lance Trebesch May 25, 2015

Shelter Pets Get a Helping Hand from Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter’s Bow Wow Bingo

The traditional game of bingo had an added healing effect with Homer Glen, Illinois’ Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter’s sixth annual Bow Wow Bingo. The event, which took place May 16th through May 17th at a local pizzeria in New Lenox, Illinois, featured help from groups like Microsoft and Tuckers Doggie Delights, as well as kind-hearted participants in attendance, to raise money to support the care the shelter provides to their dogs and cats.


Janine Carter, shelter coordinator of Tender Loving Care, stated that the event went “very well,” noting that the games played showed the best of the participants. “The 50/50 winner donated back $50,” she wrote in an email interview. The incentives for people to play bingo were also great. “They could get a pizza buffet, salad, pop and 10 games of bingo all for $25,” she wrote.

Tender Loving Care takes care of not only lost and rescue animals, but also animals that are facing death in other shelters. The shelter gives these animals “freedom rides,” rides that save these particular animals from overcrowded shelters and a dead end. Every $20 donation allows for the shelter to save one more animal from a shelter that’s running out of room.

The amount of animals that can be saved and taken care of increased with the money raised from Bow Wow Bingo. The event raised $2,099, which is fantastic news for the shelter, allowing it to do even more good work for the region.

Part of the event’s success comes from a blitz of promotion. Carter wrote that Bow Wow Bingo was advertised through the shelter’s newsletter as well as the local paper and, of course, on social media like Facebook. With about 11,000 followers on Facebook, it’s easy to see how quickly word would spread about the shelter’s fundraiser.

If you’re planning a similar event to Bow Wow Bingo, Carter suggests having an overabundance of prizes, just to make sure all participants are covered. “Make sure you have extra prizes just in case there is more than one winner per game,” she wrote. “It doesn’t happen often, but you should be prepared.”

If you’re in the Homer Glen area and want to adopt a pet, you can learn more about Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter by visiting their website and following them on Facebook.