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Need Inspiration? Try These Three Unconventional Online Research Tools

By Lance Trebesch June 30, 2015

Many of TicketRiver’s customers are busy putting the final touches on their raffles and fundraisers. But perhaps you’re brand new to the world of raffles and need a starting place. There are many ideas you can use that will jumpstart your creativity and put you on the fast track to making a fantastic event for your company or organization. It just takes a little thinking outside the box.  Here are three unconventional places you can use to spark your imagination.

Pinterest: Pinterest has a wealth of ideas event planners can look to for inspiration. A search of Pinterest will take you to curated galleries that will surely have something to peak your fancy. For instance, if you search “raffle” or “raffle ideas,” you’ll find tons of suggestions for prizes, donation sources, and event themes. In case you want to make your raffle prizes from scratch, Pinterest also has a specific “DIY and Crafts” section that provides users with many craft tutorials.

Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are also useful for finding help with your raffle. Facebook groups allow for general topics to be brought up and members can comment with their ideas. If you’re an avid user of your particular group, ask them for their suggestions.  Again, like with forums dedicated to your topic of interest, a Facebook group’s help will be even more helpful if the group already revolves around your raffle’s topic of interest.

Event-planning sites and blogs: It might seem counter-intuitive to go to a wedding blog for a raffle idea, but wedding sites, and party planning sites in general, are filled with information and ideas on themes, DIY projects, party games and other ways to turn events into special occasions. For instance, The Knot’s suggestion of a casino-themed rehearsal dinner includes a raffle. Instead of using a casino theme for a rehearsal theme, just flip the occasion to a fundraiser!

Similar to wedding websites, baby shower sites can also be used as raffle event inspiration, particularly if your event is benefiting children. Sites like The Bump have tons of kid and adult-friendly ideas, including games that could be used as the basis for door prizes.

With these unconventional places, you’re sure to find some direction for your raffle or fundraiser!