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Promoting with New Media

By Lance Trebesch September 26, 2015

If you’re planning an event, you’re probably already familiar with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, but did you know that these forms of social media are now considered old media? That’s right; the social media platforms you have grown accustomed to using have now thoroughly saturated the landscape. If you want to reach new potential guests to your event, particularly younger consumers, you need to reach them on platforms such as Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Periscope. Below are four different strategies you can use when engaging your consumers on these new social hangouts.

Utilize hashtags: All of social media is united by the hashtag. Hashtags—phrases or words used with the pound sign to curate online conversations—are already widely used by marketers to create buzz about an upcoming event. But don’t just limit your hashtags to Twitter, one of the biggest social media sites to utilize the power of the hashtag.

With more and more people driving conversations on new media, it’s important to create a hashtag that succinctly reflects your business or event, and utilize the hashtag to monitor the conversation. Also, notice which hashtags people use in conjunction with your photos. “You may discover a popular hashtag you hadn’t thought of on your own,” states Instagram’s blog. Instagram uses an example with social conversations using #volkswagen. “[W]e can see that many of those photos also use the tag #vw,” states the service’s blog, noting that people discussing Volkswagens used the hashtag #vw twice as often as #volkswagen.  Stay with the flow of conversation and how people are describing your business or event.

Curate experiences: New social media is all about providing experiences to its users. In fact, the more social media has progressed, the more intimate the experiences become, such as Periscope, which puts viewers right in the heart of special events and certain moments in users’ lives.

Turn your Instagram, Snapchat, Vine or Periscope account into a virtual window into your business or event. Don’t just promote your special event as it’s happening. Bring viewers into a particularly hilarious moment during a group meeting, or share with your viewers your planning process. Make it so that your viewers feel as if they are part of the event’s creation, which will make them even more excited about attending.

Interact directly with consumers: Social media that primarily uses live video, like Periscope, is a great way to engage your viewers one-on-one. Utilize live media to your advantage and create moments to speak directly to your audience, such as a live Q&A session. Events like these will give you the chance to personalize your event as well as give insight into how they can help you achieve your goals. Another way to personalize your event is to have other people speak on your behalf. If you have loyal fans, satisfied customers, or sponsors, having them use Periscope to engage your viewers could add credibility to your event. As Single Grain states, having others speak on your behalf can be a lot more powerful than an individual effort.

Use sharable imagery: Images, just by their nature, will garner interest from viewers. But in order to get the maximum amount of eyes focused on your event, make sure the photos you upload are relevant to your brand and your event. As a simple example, don’t choose a dog photo when you’re promoting an event about cats. Also make sure the photos are eye-catching. If you’re taking the photos, try taking your photos at a certain angle or zooming in to make the most of your photo marketing.  A great photo that encapsulates your brand and your event has the potential to go viral, leading to marketing success.

With new social media, the world’s your oyster. Use it to your best ability, and you’ll have tons of people wanting to come to your event.