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Three Tips to Boost Slumping Ticket Sales

By Lance Trebesch September 1, 2015

You’ve got your event planned, your fliers, tickets and other materials printed, and you’re ready for your attendees.  But even though you’ve done a lot of preparation, make sure you haven’t forgotten to prepare for one of the most important elements of event-planning—promotion. To be more specific, don’t forget to plan for a promotional plan if ticket sales start to slump.  

You don’t want to be in a position when you have to figure out how to boost your ticket sales without a plan. In case such a thing happens to you, there are lots of simple solutions that will put your ticket sales in the right direction. Here are three that can help you get back on the right path.

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Use your networks

If you’ve got a deep rolodex, use it! Your network of people can be a great tool in raising ticket sales. Ask your friends and co-workers to spread the word about your event to their networks. Also, if you have a log of former attendees of past events, contact them! Your guests can help you do the hard work of promotion by spreading the news to their friends. Contacting your former guests through an email or newsletter can also build loyalty with your former guests, making them feel like they are an integral part of your organization or group. Also, if you have speakers, sponsors or special guests, they will promote your event to their spheres of influence, greatly increasing your event’s potential turnout.  

Create a competition

Competition is something that generally creates a response, and competition can certainly help boost your ticket sales. Try making a raffle or giveaway, but make the contest only available to those who buy a ticket. Also, as Demand Media’s Shelly Frost suggests, make the prize related to your event, such as offering a VIP experience or seats to your next event.  The chance at winning a prize will convince many potential buyers, which only makes your event much more successful.


Utilize hashtags

Hashtagging is one of the quickest ways to start a buzz on Twitter, and while hashtagging is often used for events in progress, they are also great for early promotion as well. If you haven’t utilized the power of the hashtag yet, now’s the time.

Hashtagging makes it easy for your Twitter fans to converse about your upcoming event, and the more people converse, the more it’ll lead to virtual word-of-mouth. Of course, word-of-mouth can lead to higher ticket sales. After promotion, your event’s hashtag can be used to measure guest participation as well. The collection of tweets could make for a great blog post for your website as well, giving people a recap of the event and, if the event’s held annually, whet their palate for next year.  

These are only a few of the many ways you can boost your ticket sales, but these three are definitely effective. How have you boosted your ticket sales?