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Four Ways to Hold Thanksgiving Themed Fundraisers

By Lance Trebesch November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving is coming up, and with the holidays come more opportunities to promote your business, organization or group. Thanksgiving is a great time for passing on the feeling of goodwill while spreading the word about your organization’s mission, and there are many creative ways to get the word out. Check out four ideas right here.

Gift basket raffles: One of the most popular raffle prizes are gift baskets. Raffle gift baskets are easy to customize, making them perfect for any theme. If you want to create some Thanksgiving themed baskets, create a basket filled with ingredients for a popular Thanksgiving dish, such as ingredients for an apple pie or spices and marinades for a turkey. Other basket ideas include baskets filled with seasonal candy, and baskets of potpourri and other fall-themed home décor.   

Fall bake sale: The fall is one time of the year that’s popular for bake sales. With so many holiday cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts that are associated with the season, it’s easy to have a sale and quickly raise the funds your group or school needs for future projects. Online Fundraising Today  suggests having a set price for your desserts, but leave room for patrons to donate if they choose to do so after purchasing an item.

Thanksgiving dinner: A great way to become closer with your community and raise money for a good cause is to set up a Thanksgiving dinner. Brandon Gaille of brandongaille.com suggests to have people RSVP for your event so you can know how much food to prepare. Gaille also states that you should drive home your group’s cause to your guests; when the donation bin comes around, this could prompt your guests to give more since they now know how their money is being used.

Turkey raffle: If a whole Thanksgiving dinner is too extravagant for your budget or encroaches on time restraints, then the next best thing you could do is hold a turkey raffle. Turkey raffles are great ways of drumming up money as well as the interest of your community.

Raffling frozen turkeys is one way to approach a turkey raffle, but if you have one already prepared turkey (or several), you’re bound to get even more interest.  Not only is the turkey the most integral part of a Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s also often the most difficult dish to cook. There are bound to be lots of people who will enter just so they don’t have to worry about possibly ruining Thanksgiving dinner with a burnt or underdone turkey they might make themselves. Gaille suggest pricing tickets at $1, and that if you attract 20 to 30 people, their ticket costs will cover the cost of the turkey. The more people you attract, the more money you collect for your organization.

What ideas do you have for Thanksgiving raffles?