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Customer Profile: Katelyn McCarter

By Lance Trebesch January 30, 2016

Singer Katelyn McCarter celebrated the Christmas spirit while introducing her latest CD, “Chasing the Wind,” during her December 18th Christmas Concert. McCarter and opening act The Worship Collective gave fans an event filled with festive holiday cheer.

McCarter, a Christian pop singer and songwriter, uses music to give her fans insight into how her faith has helped her throughout her life and constantly inspires her to make music that uplifts. “Chasing the Wind” was officially released January 6, and two songs from the CD are already in rotation on Christian radio.

McCarter wrote that she used several online sources to promote the concert. “I got word out about my event through my email list, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reverbnation, blogs, local newspapers and also by hanging up posters in the city especially in locations of where my main audience lives,” she wrote. “Social media and sending emails is the best way to get word out about events.”

Katelyn-158“The event went great!” wrote McCarter. “Every show has ups and downs but by the time doors opened, everything was up and ready to go!”

The best part of the event was when I was able to talk and take pictures with people who came out and supported my show,” she wrote. “I love hearing stories, talking and meeting new people at shows. It makes me really happy when I have touched someone’s heart through my music or by something I said during the show. You never know what people are going through and it makes me so happy to know I’ve touched someone’s life.”Katelyn-162

Quite a few of our readers are also musicians, so if you have an upcoming CD release party or concert, take some advice from McCarter, who advocates avid promotion. “Promote, promote, promote as much as you can!” she wrote. “I’ve done shows in the past where they hand out posters to the bands playing but the show itself didn’t promote through any type of outlet. You will not have a successful show without promoting properly.” McCarter also recommends doing your online ticket sales early. “I was selling tickets a month in advance and people began buying the first day I posted the link up,” she wrote.  “I’ve never done any type of online ticket sales before now and I am forever changed, I hope every show will be as successful as my last one!”

You can learn more about McCarter and her music at her website.