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Landmark Americana Holds Paddles and Balls Ping Pong Tournament

By Lance Trebesch February 28, 2016

Landmark Americana in Glassboro, New Jersey, gave their bar patrons a fun way to shake off the winter blues. The bar and grill held their Paddles and Balls ping pong tournament December 5, with the winner receiving a grand prize of $100. The event also featured tons of raffles and other prizes so all bar patrons could have a chance to go home feeling like a champ.

Jamal Kelly wrote in an email interview that the tournament is the bar’s third event so far. “The event [started] off as an intermediate level ping pong tournament which gives players the chance to earn a cash prize or a gift card to the Landmark Tap & Grill.  After a couple hours of tournament play and we crown a winner, we begin our open play which gives all patrons at the event a chance to play on our ping pong tables,” he wrote. “During the open play we [had] a musical bingo, a social media contest, and a raffle that [allowed] people to win prizes.  Our prizes [consisted] of gift cards, shirts, or various swag from our sponsors.  Winners may also receive free entry into our next event.”

The bar has used Facebook for promoting its nightly specials in the past, and Facebook has been vital in the bar’s promotion of their events as well. “As far as getting the word out for the event, we relied on social media, and word of mouth,” wrote Kelly. “Social media played a huge part in our marketing success as we were able to add pictures and talk to current and potential customers to get an idea of what kind of turnout we will be expecting.”

The bar’s event was a success on many fronts, not just financially. Landmark Americana’s mission is to make sure its patrons love the atmosphere, and it seems like the mission was accomplished. “Our goal was to ensure that everyone at the event had a good time and we were successful in doing so,” wrote Kelly. “Most of our customers are surprised that there is no place in the area they can go to that is similar.  We provide an interactive experience that people of all ages can enjoy.”

Are you creating an event in order to promote your business or create a fun atmosphere? Kelly wrote that being knowledgeable is important. “When planning an event make sure you tell everyone you can about your event and be prepared to answer their questions,” he wrote. “Customer service is going to be your key in starting any event.”