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MTV’s Wild ‘N Out Makes Its Way to State University of New York, Delhi

By Lance Trebesch March 31, 2016

MTV’s popular comedy show Wild ‘N Out, hosted by Nick Cannon, is now making the rounds of college campuses, including State University of New York, Delhi.

The Wild ‘N Out team came to the campus’ Clark Fieldhouse March 12. Nicholas Wagner, the student activities associate at SUNY Delhi, wrote more about the event. “Nick Cannon himself was on campus, along with the people from the TV show,” wrote Wagner. “It’s an improv style comedy that our students really enjoy.”

If you haven’t watched Wild ‘N Out, it’s a show that should be checked out, especially if you love “yo’ momma” jokes and “playing the dozens.” This version of the show is ushering in a new wave of comedic talent, featuring YouTube stars Timothy DeLaGhetto and Emmanuel Hudson, and many more talented comedians and multifaceted entertainers. “The original bloodline of Wild ‘N Out was undeniable, ushering the rise of comedic superstars who have since become household names from Kevin Hart to JB Smoove to Katt Williams,” states MTV. These new stars are vying for the same type of recognition, “and the only way to earn it is through battle.”

Students who are fans of the show learned about the SUNY Delhi event through traditional and online means. “Being a campus event, we largely marketed to our students on campus through paper flyers, emails, and word of mouth,” wrote Wagner. “We used social media marketing for the non-student population through Facebook.” Wagner wrote that social media was a large part of the marketing strategy. In fact, a large portion of the sales came from the marketing team’s social media push.

“The event went very well,” wrote Wagner. “The students loved the comedy and the show as a whole.” Everything went smoothly, he wrote, and the best part was Cannon himself coming out on stage. “He’s the name we all grew up hearing,” wrote Wagner. “It was a pleasant surprise that Nick Cannon was so willing to put himself out there with the fans. He was happy to mingle and pose for selfies after the event.”

Wagner states that if you’re planning your own event, it’s best to thing huge. “Go big with marketing,” he wrote. “It will be worth it.” It’s also worth noting that it’s important to know how to reach your audience as well. Like with SUNY Delhi’s event, much of the audience were college students, and millennials can be reached much easier through social media as opposed to other marketing means.