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New Features on TicketRiver

By Lance Trebesch April 1, 2016

Starting Monday April 4th, 2016, Ticket River will offer two new features: Organizer Profile and Event Branding. Both new features can be found in the left menu from your Ticket River ‘My Events’ page.

Organizer Profile

TR_OrganizerProfilePage (1)


The organizer profile feature will allow you as an event host to create a custom URL on Ticket River where users can find information about you, and all the events you host in one location. You can include links to your personal website, Facebook page, and Twitter handle on the page, as well as customize the logo at the top of the page. If you choose to customize your logo on your organizer profile page, the logo will also appear on your event pages, and email communications with customers after the purchase tickets to your event. We hope this new feature will make marketing your various events easier and more streamlined.

Event Branding Feature

BrandingPreferencesPage (1)


Many of our event hosts set up multiple events every year, using duplicate artwork for each event. So, we have streamlined the event creation process with our new Event Branding feature. You can now set default images for your banner, event image, and background. These images will appear automatically when you create a new event, so the only thing you have to fill in is your event details such as date, time, location, ticket type, etc. You will still have the option to change the images on a specific event page during the event creation process. The event image that you have chosen for your event page will also appear on Print-at-Home tickets for your event.